Next Up–April

This is like Christmas in June. I’m spoiling y’all!

Justin’s birthday party was the day after Robert got his ear infection diagnosis. He actually felt ok, but he kept having those coughing fits, so we decided he probably shouldn’t be hacking all over the party guests and we’d be almost an hour away from home if he did. Chris stayed home with him while Clara and I headed up to Spring. The newest Decarlo is the spitting image of his big brother. Clara helped keep him corralled for Danielle since he didn’t want to miss out on any of the action.



Here’s a comparison pic. Travis is a year older here. Awww, weren’t they cute?


It was a good thing Robert didn’t come. Before I got home, Chris called and said he was having a coughing fit and couldn’t catch his breath. He had thrown up everywhere and just could not get it under control. It wasn’t a productive cough at all. I got him into the bathroom and started the steam. I gave him a cough suppressant but he just threw it right back up. I ended up getting a syringe and giving him just a tiny bit when it slowed and he could catch his breath and then waited a minute before giving him more. It took about 20 minutes, but it stayed down.

I felt so bad for him. It was getting really late and he just wanted to sleep, but it still wasn’t slowing much. In between coughs he asked me “Am I going to die?” :( Poor guy. If he hadn’t stopped soon after, we probably would have taken him in, but the cough eventually started to subside and he was able to get a good night’s sleep. He was back to school on Monday, but fell asleep on the bus ride home. He got in trouble at school and fell asleep early on the couch the first half of the week. It really wiped him out.

I took on another project and cleaned the shower tile with an acidic cleaner that eats away all of the hard water deposits, leaving it smooth as glass, as well as re-caulked. It was not as easy a task as I had envisioned. (Is it ever?) There was crumbling grout behind a lot of the caulk, so not only did that make it harder to remove, but then I had to remove the loose grout as well. In the end though, I’m happy with the lovely bright white.




Chris has made friends with a man at church that is a car aficionado and he told him how much Robert loves cars, so one night after church, he let Robert sit in his cool car. I don’t know what it is. BMW something or other, maybe?



We went to Temple for Easter weekend.





Saturday night before bed, the Easter bunny’s assistants had convened to discuss the gameplan for distributing each of their batches of eggs on Sunday. It was decided to wait until after church to hide eggs outside while lunch was being prepared. Well, during the night, an impostor entered the home and left eggs all over the house. Neither of the bunny’s true assistants said anything but both were wondering, “What the heck? Didn’t we just talk about this?” The reason I know this was an impostor is because the eggs contained Hot Tamales (which the kids hate, but which look a lot like red Mike and Ike’s that were intermingled in the eggs) and also Jelly Belly beanboozled flavored jelly beans. I didn’t realize this until I got what I believe to be a mouthful of dog food flavored jelly bean. Linda found eggs hidden in random places for days after we left, including in her purse.


I just took a picture of a worksheet Robert brought home one day because I’m pretty sure I didn’t learn the term “oviparous” or “non-oviparous” in first grade. In fact, I think I learned the two new words that day.


The kids had their field days at the end of the month. Clara and other RDR members got to help with the two sessions for the younger grades, so she enjoyed missing almost two full days of class between her own field day and the other two sessions. She was “working” the hula hoop station during this session. And that’s the only picture I took because I was busy helping pass out snacks the rest of the time.


Robert fell off of his bike about five times over the course of a few days. He got back up pretty quickly with minimal tears each time, even this time when he hit his lip and almost busted it.

I’m going to get in trouble for posting this next picture. We’ve decided to finish out one of our attics. It already has a full size door going into it, so we’re adding flooring and insulation and it will have an area for storage, as well as a space for Chris to spread out his hobbies. We had worked on it over the course of a month, and as he was laying down the second to last piece of plywood, he stood up fast and hit his head hard on the rafter above, falling off the plywood, one leg in the garage. We just added it to the quote the drywall/painter guy gave us, so no biggie. :)


The science lab teacher had asked me several months back if I would help chaperone the 5th grade field trip to the Museum of Natural Science. The district changed chaperone rules this year and official chaperones must ride the bus with the group. I don’t want to re-live all the gory details, but suffice it to say, I was traumatized for a week. Some of the kids were awful, even after getting a huge lecture before leaving the school. We were late getting off (b/c of lecture) and then hit traffic, so we got to the museum an hour late, having missed our scheduled IMAX movie. Everything had to be re-arranged and we never did really get things under control. It was awful. One boy got in trouble and ended up having to sit on the bus with the principal the entire time. In the end, we watched a different IMAX about the Galapagos and the kids did calm down and enjoy that thankfully, so I was able to calm down and breathe for almost an hour. I think a lot of them had never seen a 3D movie. We also watched a film in the planetarium. We only had a short amount of time between the two, so we had to scrap the initial plans of splitting into groups and ended up just winding our way through the dinosaur exhibit quickly in one long line of 130 kids and then had to eat lunch out front quickly before getting back on the buses. No pictures because I was trying not to flip out on kids the entire time. :)


The last week of February, first week of March, was literacy week at school. They borrowed my awesome corgi knee high socks and wore matching, mismatched socks for Fox in Socks Day. For Cat in the Hat Day, Clara donned this dragon hat, proving without a doubt the unwavering self-confidence she possesses. :) They also had their storybook parade, but I didn’t get pictures. Clara wore her Athena costume and I cut up a t-shirt and added some red fabric paint to the edges so he could be a boy from “I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1917”. He pulled his arm inside his shirt for the parade so it looked like it had been bitten off. It may have been a tad inappropriate for school. Ha!




We tried out a hibachi grill nearby for the first time for my birthday. I don’t think Robert had ever been to one. He loved it and said it’s his favorite now.


I was so excited about getting the wallpaper off the powder room walls that I jumped head first into the kitchen. I just love having loads of unfinished projects piling up!



Around this time, our roofer sent someone out a few times to repair a couple of leaks in the ceiling. We then had to wait for a hard rain to make sure the repair worked. And then one of the repairs near the chimney again started leaking, so they came out again. They hadn’t replaced a rotted piece of wood against the chimney, so they did that and then caulked all of the siding around the chimney. Waited for another storm….. Then they sent someone out to make the ceiling repair. While he was here, I got quotes for texturing my walls and painting in the living room/entry since the walls are too high for me.

The painter had another long job already lined up, so it wasn’t until the beginning of May when he was able to come back out. He patched the spots on the ceiling and thankfully the roofer decided to repaint the entire ceiling for us! So they did that as well. They started on the kitchen and powder room walls as well. He had another job lined up after that and was supposed to call back a couple of weeks ago, but I still haven’t heard from him. I wasn’t too worried about it though since I’ve been so busy with end of school stuff. Anyway, that’s why these rooms are still works in progress.

We usually go camping during spring break, but we decided to stay home this year. Chris was leaving for Rio at the end of spring break and since someone always gets sick because of the allergies at that time of year, we thought we shouldn’t risk it. We hung out with the Couringtons at their new house one night, celebrated Chris’s birthday, went and saw the Lego Batman movie and Chris worked half days and worked on extending our fence that whole week. Our neighbor has been asking if we would mind extending it and we were good with that because that would put our pool equipment in the backyard. Plus, a storm in February had left that portion leaning and the gate would hardly close, so we needed to repair it anyway. Robert was a good helper.



I don’t think I took on any projects while he was in Rio. Maybe because he was only gone a few days, but also, I might have been in trouble if I had added another unfinished project to the pile. :) Chris’ trips were pretty short, but he managed to miss math/science night, the glow run and Clara’s last school choir performance, which was at the end of March.


Once Chris got back, we got the pool cleaned up and the kids had their inaugural swim.


That last week was STAAR testing for Clara. Robert ended up getting sick that week. After her first test on Tuesday, they swam after school. Robert was complaining a little and acting a little sick and I wondered if he was coming down with something. He woke Wednesday morning and said he didn’t feel very good, but he was showing no symptoms. He was running around laughing and playing so I thought he just didn’t want to go since it’s pretty miserable during STAAR for the entire school. Felt pretty awful when he got off the bus and looked miserable. Took his temperature and he was running a fever. This boy has been to the nurses office too many times to count but when he’s justifiably sick? Nope. Just suffered through the day without telling anyone. :( I emailed his teacher and she felt bad too. She said he was more quiet than usual but didn’t suspect that he was sick either.

He really didn’t have many symptoms except for the fever. It wasn’t even that high and he wasn’t miserable, so I didn’t even treat it. He eventually developed a cough, so he did get some meds for that at night when he had coughing fits. I finally took him in to the CVS clinic on Friday morning. Mind you, this was less than 48 hours after taking his temp after school on Wednesday. The pa gave me a really hard time and couldn’t believe I didn’t treat the fever that went that long. I told her I only treat them when they’re feeling miserable and can’t rest. Otherwise, I let them do their job. She eased up a bit when I said I had given him cough meds. I guess she thought I was a crunchy mama who refused to medicate? I don’t know. Turns out he had an ear infection in one ear. He hadn’t had any pain, but he winced when she shoved it so deep in his ear and she just kept moving it around, pulling on his ear. I just about stopped her because it was obviously hurting him. I haven’t seen anyone be so rough with an ear check. She said it was ruptured and I’m pretty sure she did it. She asked him if it hurt and he said yes. I asked him later and he said it didn’t start hurting until she shoved the otoscope in his ear. :( I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I’m not entirely convinced that wasn’t done to teach me a parenting lesson.

Moving Right Along– February

RDR has a fundraiser each year that they call the Glow Run and the kids make posters to hang all over the school to promote it. Lauren came over one afternoon to help finish one they were working on. I was in the hallway one morning right after they hung it and overheard some kids saying it was the best one. The glitter put it over the top. That was my idea 😉 I did have to stop them from glittering the entire thing though.


I never posted it, but Clara had one of her pieces of writing featured in the school’s writing gallery back in the fall. I can’t even remember what it was about. I’m assuming an owl was written in there somewhere. I know, I’m terrible. Parents of the winners come up a few minutes before school starts to see them receive their award from their teacher in the hallway in front of the gallery. The teachers tell a little bit about why their piece was selected from the entire grade and the kids read their work for everyone.

Just like what happened with the POD awards, Robert was devastated that he didn’t win the writing gallery award. He was angry and couldn’t understand why he didn’t win. The 1st grader who won was in his kinder class last year and I think that stung a bit since he knew her. The girl’s handwriting was impeccable and her drawings that accompanied the writing were very detailed and colored in nicely. I explained to Robert that he hates writing. I have to stay on him to come up with a few sentences of writing homework he has each week and he rushes through it without even thinking, doing the bare minimum. He forgets punctuation and capitalization and doesn’t understand why he needs to correct his “Ss” when he writes them backwards. He hates drawing pictures to go with his writing and his handwriting is atrocious. There is no way that he deserved that award more than her and I told him that. I said he would have to step up his writing game if he wanted to win that award. I saw this look in his eyes and I thought to myself, “By golly, he’s going to get that award next time.” I can’t explain it, but I was sure of it.



So February rolls around, and would you look at who won the writing gallery award for 1st grade. :) He is unbelievable. When his teacher called to tell me, I couldn’t help but shake my head and laugh. Of course he won it. To be fair though, the first grade assignment this time didn’t require too much in the way of writing. It was an acrostic of his name. R-Responsible, O-Organized, B-Brave, E-Energetic, R-Relaxed, T-Trusting. I think Obstinate, Bullheaded and Tenacious would have worked as well.



I heard him telling Clara what his self-portrait looked like that he did in art class, so one day when I was walking through the halls I spied this magnificent piece of art and knew it was Robert’s.  :)


He lost his 2nd tooth some time in February I guess. The pic was on my phone. Don’t remember it at all. Just know I didn’t throw this one away. Oh wait, I remember now! I heard him get up the next morning to go to the bathroom and panicked because I had fallen down on the job. I ran to find some cash, ran upstairs and threw it under his pillow, hoping he hadn’t looked yet, and then high-tailed it back downstairs. Fun times. He had written a note asking the tooth fairy if he could keep his tooth and get some cash, so I didn’t have to go searching for it.

He figured out the Santa thing right before Christmas, so I had assumed the gig was up with the toothfairy too, but he hadn’t mentioned anything. And then, right before bed he was talking about the toothfairy and I saw a lightbulb go off. He asked if I was the toothfairy. I don’t remember how, but I evaded the question or acted like I didn’t hear him or something. He didn’t ask again, so I think he decided that maybe he didn’t need to know. I was good with that.


I was in the workroom on Valentine’s Day when I heard a sing-a-gram being delivered to staff in the conference room next door, so I snapped a quick picture of Clara with her choir friends. They have so much fun doing this. I saw them catch the asst. principal in the hallway and stop her to sing “Skidamarink” and then they ran off to deliver the rest.


This whole year has been rough for Clara and her allergies. Some days she has been absolutely miserable. I ended up leaving Benadryl in the nurses office and she would call me and ask if I’d like her to take it. That was part of the reason for her struggles in class this semester. More than once she brought home a paper or test that she got a failing grade on and every time she said it was because she had a bad headache or was an itchy, sneezing, plugged up mess. She would leave the house just fine most days and by 9:00 was miserable. I started to think it was something in her classroom. Especially when she looked like this. She went to the nurses office before 9:00. I was at the school, so she called me in to take a look. Her eye did not look like this when she left the house an hour before. I was crazy. It doesn’t even look like her. I brought her home early one day and Chris took meds up one day when the nurse couldn’t reach me. This is when I filled out the forms to leave the Benadryl. Sometimes it helped, other times didn’t do a thing.



Around this time, I ordered allergy drops specifically formulated for Texas trees, weeds and grasses that go under the tongue. It helped almost immediately. Only problem is it wears off after a few hours. For a week or so when she was dealing with this eye stuff and major nasal congestion and sinus pressure, I started giving her allergy eye drops and a decongestant before school and then checking in on her and giving her another dose when she went to lunch. When the drops came in the mail, I gave her just a couple for her first dose to make sure she didn’t have a reaction. The next morning, I gave her a few drops along with the decongestant. I went up to the school at lunch time to drop of Puffs Plus and a small tube of eucerin for her nose because it had gotten so chapped it was about to bleed. I kid you not, I walked in to the cafeteria, she ran over smiling and said she didn’t need the medicine or kleenex! No runny nose, no rings under her eyes, nothing! Her eyes and face looked clearer and happier than they had in weeks. I was amazed. I told her it was the drops. She refused to believe it at first and fought me on it because she hates the taste. In the end though, feeling human again won out, so she grudgingly took them each morning for the next couple of months. We had also removed dairy from her diet a few weeks before this to see if maybe that was the culprit. She was waking with stomach aches every single morning and wasn’t eating breakfast, but she would feel better by about 9:00. After some reading, it sounded like it might be stress related, so I thought it might have been because of STAAR testing or something else. She assured me that she wasn’t feeling stressed out about anything. Now that I think about it though, it may have been. I just realized she’s been eating better these last few weeks since STAAR testing is over. Hmmm, I’ll need to mull that over a bit.

Moving right along. Chris went to Calgary for a few days at the end of February and I went and got myself in trouble again and had a nice surprise for Chris when he returned. This time I peeled off the horrid wallpaper in my powder room that has been mocking me every time I’ve entered these past two years. Seriously, I’m like a toddler. Chris can’t turn his back on me for one second. He was only gone for three days, so I didn’t even attempt to finish it up. He couldn’t be mad at me because he was coming home on my birthday. :) I would show you an after, but it’s not done yet. Someday maybe.





And here’s a picture from Clara’s glow run. She stayed after school and put together the balloon arch you see in the background and helped with registering the runners before the race.


I only got one picture of Robert and his friend Aldin at the starting line. Clara was off doing her thing, so I didn’t even see her until after it was over. It’s so nice that she’s old enough to not have to worry about her and to know that I can just go find her when it’s time to leave. Not quite there with this one, but he’s getting closer.


Rewinding– January

I haven’t taken many pictures this year, so it’s difficult for me to remember what all we’ve done. We rang in the new year with Chris still down with an infection after getting hit hard by the cedar during our post-Christmas camping trip at Inks Lake. We had planned on spending the evening with the Decarlos, but instead, we laid low. I think I remember the kids and I went up the next afternoon to join the Decarlos for lunch after church, but my memory is terrible! If I didn’t take pictures, I can’t remember! He still wasn’t 100% by the next weekend, so I flew solo to my cousin Brent’s wedding outside of La Grange. It was an outdoor wedding and reception and it was freezing cold, so we didn’t want him to have a relapse. I’m glad I went by myself because the kids would have been miserable and complained the entire time. I got to see my aunts and uncles and a few cousins I hadn’t seen in a while, so that was nice.

The following weekend, Chris and I attended a marriage retreat put on by our church at a resort on Lake Conroe. We met Dan and Linda for dinner in College Station so they could take the kids for the weekend. It was a long weekend, so they got an extra day with them.

Near the end of the month, Chris traveled to Rome for a couple of weeks for work. While he was away, the kids had math/science night at school. A local high school robotics team brought their remote controlled ball throwing robots to show the kids. They would scoop them up and then throw them back to the kids. They loved it. They also had a scientist doing cool experiments for the kids and a discovery dome from the museum. The line was really long though, so we never got to see inside of it.



Robert made a house out of Dots and toothpicks. The goal was to build a structure that could withstand being blown down by the Big Bad Wolf.



And they also got to build with these huge legos. Robert made a couch. Clara made Pandora’s Box, because of course she did. Still loves her Greek mythology. These legos were a bit of a pain for me though. The math/science instructional coach was in charge of the event and she was really overwhelmed as the event got closer. I was helping her out making copies, cutting, things like that. She was going to be borrowing these from another school in the district, but the school is clear across town and she was panicking trying to figure out when and how she was going to get them in time. I offered to drive the 30 minutes to get them, loaded them up myself and then unloaded at the school. These things filled up the entire back of the land rover! There is no way she would’ve been able to get them all in her car. Several weeks later I saw they were still in her office, so I took them back for her too :)



That Saturday night around 9:00 p.m., I was lamenting the fact that I hadn’t really accomplished anything, so I said, “I’m going to clean one room in the house from top to bottom so I’ll feel accomplished.” Yes, that’s all it takes for me to feel productive. Fast forward fifteen minutes and somehow this happened.


I decided to keep it a secret until he got home 😉 That would be thermafoil laminate that covers all of the cabinets in our house. It’s peeling in lots of places where you grab to open the doors and drawers since there are no knobs. I had been doing some online research to see if it would be possible to repaint them. They’re mdf, but are in fine condition. New cabinetry would have been such a huge waste, not to mention massively expensive, but they definitely needed a facelift after 18 years. I knew I wanted to experiment on the bathroom cabinets before undertaking the kitchen, but I just hadn’t been able to convince myself to start peeling. I just needed to be left unsupervised for a bit to get the ball rolling. It peels right off and there’s not even any glue to remove except for a bit on the edges.

Since it’s mdf, I made sure to use an oil based primer and I used cabinet paint to get good, even coverage. I wanted to do it right, so I removed doors, sanded the boxes, primed and painted the insides, the boxes, drawers, everything. By the time Chris got home, I wasn’t anywhere near being finished. Oopsie. May have been a bigger (and dustier) job than I anticipated.


Here are some before and afters. You’ll notice a big grease or cleaner spot that had eaten through the top layer of the cabinet floor there in the corner, but now it looks good as new!



And there were lots of spots where the paint had peeled and the previous owner had done a poor touch up job. I bought knobs so hopefully that will keep from damaging the paint job as much. The cabinet paint includes some type of urethane or acrylic or something that is supposed to help prevent chipping. I put 2-3 coats of primer and 3-4 coats of paint on all of the doors and boxes. It took for-ever! It looks so nice though. I just hope it holds up. It’s been four months now, and so far, so good.



Here is the inside of one of the drawers with a bunch of chipped spots. After painting everything, I put heavy duty shelf liner down to hopefully keep things looking nice and new for a long time to come.



While I was knee deep in my impromptu home improvement project trying desperately to get it done before Chris got home, I had stopped in the drive-thru at Chick fil one afternoon when my mom called to tell me my Aunt June had passed away :( She had been sick for some time and had been in and out of the hospital, but it was still a shock. As soon as I hung up with my mom, warning lights on my dashboard started flashing, there was beeping, my ac went haywire and my suspension was making weird noises. Tire pressure, seatbelt, overheating lights, everything was going crazy. I pulled into a spot to gather my thoughts. I didn’t know what was going on so I quickly turned it off. Went to turn it back on and it wouldn’t turn over. I skyped Chris in Rome to ask him what I should do. He called his co-worker Scott to come rescue me :) In his nice work clothes. Long story short, we eventually got it home (barely), it sat in the driveway until Chris got home while I drove the Jeep.

Chris came home to a half finished project, we were a one car family for a week while Chris tried to figure out what might be wrong with the land rover. I was taking him to work one morning in the Jeep when he said the brakes felt really squishy. We stopped at the auto parts store and he added some brake fluid. That leaked all out onto the ground below :( We pulled into a brake shop a block or so down the street and were officially car-less. Chris called his co-worker Vance to come pick us up and take me home. Got it back that evening and got the land rover in to the shop the next day. I think we shelled out about 2k that weekend on car repairs. :(

New Roof!

We are finally the proud owners of a brand new roof!

These are a couple of before pictures. You can see how badly worn the back was.




And here was the “during”. It was a mess. And loud. I decided to stay home the entire day so as not to stress Max out even more. He couldn’t hear much, but even he occasionally jumped at an especially loud thud and I’m sure he felt vibrations. There were a lot of guys up there. I tried to stay downstairs. It sounded like they were just going to fall right through the ceiling when I was upstairs. Max paced around nervously and ended up following me from room to room, but he did ok.



That is until the guy came back at the end of the day to check and make sure everything went well and to get paid. I was cleaning up the kitchen and he and Chris were talking in the living room when I heard the tell-tale piddling sound of pee on floor. I came around the corner to investigate and Max was peeing right at the guy’s feet! Just did a little semi-circle around him. He didn’t even notice. I was so embarrassed. That’s the second time he’s done that to a guest in the last few months. He really is an old man and just doesn’t care one bit what anyone thinks about him anymore :)

So anyway, here it is. Isn’t it lovely?


Uninvited Guest

Chris and the kids saw a snake in the backyard a few nights ago. We googled in and it looked to be a cottonmouth so we called our neighbor (who is a snake enthusiast) over to verify. She thought so too and texted her reptile enthusiast group to come pick it up. She didn’t want to handle it due to being pregnant (understandably so) and so a few minutes later, this couple showed up with their bucket and pole. Chris gave them a hard time because they were wearing snake t-shirts but apparently they had been at a snake show in Houston that day.



They said it was the biggest they had seen this year. So yeah, not real happy about that. I might be slightly terrified to go in my backyard now.

I Told You

This was maybe a week or so after the move. This is looking into the dining room/office. And there is stuff all lining the other side of the entryway that you can’t see. I like to look at these pictures because it reminds me that I have gotten a lot done. I still have a ways to go, but thankfully it’s much improved :)





I’ll try to remember to take pictures of rooms as I get done with them.

New House

Once I got back home, we started the moving process. Originally the sellers were going to be in the house until the 20th to give themselves some leeway as they were closing on their new house several days after we closed on this one. They ended up moving out a bit earlier so Chris got the keys to the new house during Spring Break.

Here are just a couple of pictures. I’ll be sure to take more once we get settled. This is the view from the living room into the kitchen and you can see the dining room/formal living room as well from this angle.




And here’s the kids’ favorite part. (Max’s too.) We brought him over one night and he jumped in twice and had to be pulled back out. Grrrr. I haven’t been pleased with his shenanigans around the pool. We’ve been keeping a close eye on him when he goes out but he still managed to “slip” in one night last week too and I had to let him inside drenched to find a towel since I couldn’t leave him outside unattended.

The kids have braved the pool a couple of times and we’ve all enjoyed the hot tub on several occasions.


Busy Week

The week before Spring Break was a busy one for us. I turned another year older and we celebrated with Italian food and I was given a complementary birthday canoli for the occasion. My birthday gift from Chris was the maroon leather jacket I’m wearing in the picture. I love it. I don’t feel fashionable enough for it, but I do love it.




That week was literacy week at Clara’s school in celebration of Dr. Suess’ birthday. They had Muffins with Mom, which no one knew about until the day before (including us volunteers) and I helped with that Tuesday morning. It was complete chaos and we ran out of everything despite the less than 24 hour notice that everyone received. Their bookfair was all week, which I volunteered at during Robert’s school days and on Thursday they had a storybook character parade. I made Clara a Laura Ingalls dress. It was a fairly ambitious project to undertake since I haven’t sewn anything this complicated in a very long time, but I was successful! I free handed the apron because she didn’t like the petticoat pattern that came with the dress. She loved it.



She came to shop at the book fair while I was working, so I had the librarian snap a quick picture of us.



That night was Literacy Night at school. Clara wanted a picture with one of the third grade teachers who was dressed at Laura also. She was talking about biographies and had a video of Little House on the Prairie showing.



Chris had gone out of town that night for work and was coming home Friday morning. Friday was also the closing date on our new house. We had several complications leading up to closing and we still didn’t have a firm closing time come Friday morning. I was so stressed out that day and drove Chris bonkers. They eventually just told us to be ready to come as soon as they called us.

The call finally came about 4:30 p.m. so we got to the title company as soon as we could. When we got to the table, they still didn’t have our HUD approval and were waiting for it to be faxed over. So we went over everything else and near the end, it finally came through. Sheeesh.

We got out of there around 6:00 and headed into Houston where Chris had made anniversary dinner reservations at a Brazilian steakhouse called Chama Gaucha. It was my first Brazilian steakhouse experience and was very enjoyable. This particular restaurant is supposed to be more authentic and the place that Chris’ Brazilian friends prefer. After such a chaotic, stressful day, we just decided to come on home after dinner. I was feeling mentally drained and just wanted to go to bed.

On the way to the restaurant, I made the decision to leave for Pecos on Sunday. I had put off making the decision until I knew if we would be closing. I couldn’t leave until we had closed. I called my mom to tell her we had closed and since that was out of the way, Chris offered to take off the week of Spring Break so I could go to Pecos and help out however I could since Linsey was on bedrest and they were pretty sure they would be inducing on Monday due to her elevated protein levels. To be continued…….

House Tour- Part 2

This is the view from the front door. You’ll see that I had a hard time keeping Zoe out of the pictures. The hallway to the left goes to the 3 bedrooms and bathroom. There is a short hall after the entryway that has a door to the laundry room and garage. Between the entry and short hall, it’s a lot of space and I haven’t quite figured out what to do with it. The tall, narrow shelf from our old house doesn’t really work for this space, but it will do.


Living room view from the breakfast nook. And look! I have a fireplace! I’m so excited to have a mantle to hang our stockings from this Christmas :)



We have fewer cabinets here, but the pantry and island is larger. Funny thing is, I don’t think I like the longer island. I’d prefer to have more counter space next to the sink and stove. I guess I just have to give it some time. It’s hard to change cooking habits. Ok, am I the only one who doesn’t like granite? I know it’s all the rage, but I haven’t liked it at all. I feel like I have to be so gentle with anything breakable I set down on it. I just cringe when stuff touches the counter. It’s so loud! Plus, it has several places that have small chips and some kind of film or damage to the finish or something. I know granite is supposed to be luxurious and longlasting, but the laminate countertop in our old house was seven years old and didn’t have a bit of damage. I miss my cheap laminate.



The house is mostly tile, which I am loving so far. The dining room is laminate and three of the bedrooms are carpeted. The tile does get dirty and hairy fast, but I love being able to sweep and mop and know that I got all of the dog hair and dirt. The grout in some places is nasty dirty, so I’ve been cleaning a small section at a time of the worst spots.