House Tour- Part 1

These pictures are terrible, but I had to jump at the chance to get a few pics while their rooms were clean. As you can see, I caved and put stuff on the walls. It just doesn’t feel like your own place until you slap your things on the walls. We’ve decided to forgo a playroom in this house and I’m loving it! Both kids have walk in closets, so there is plenty of room for toys in their rooms although we did have to downsize a bit. I think having stuff shut up in the closet has made it much cleaner. They don’t just drag everything out and leave it; they seem to be more intentional about what they want to play with. Clara’s new room is a little bigger than her old so her bunkbeds fit better here.



And Robert’s room is a little smaller than his old room, though not by much.  I’m considering doing away with his dresser and putting his clothes in the 3 drawers under his bed. Two of the drawers on his dresser are almost impossible to open anyway. I’d like to put his train table on that wall. Right now it’s in a corner of the living room.


I love having 1 less toilet to clean :) Although, I do have to keep this one a little cleaner than their old bathroom since I don’t have a powder room for our guests.  The guest bath is good size with double sinks and lots of storage underneath, which was lacking in the old house.


Playroom Makeover

I purged and painted the kids’ playroom last week. I’ve wanted to paint it for some time now,but the task was daunting with kids in the way. So when they spent a couple of days at Grandmaand Grandpa’s house during Spring Break, I jumped on the chance to get it done.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I’m reading a book called “Simplicity Parenting” and I used some ideas for inspiration. The book is great and is all about simplifying all areas of a child’s life, environment, schedule, rhythm, and the adult world. The bluish-gray is a much more soothing color than the polka dots, wouldn’t you agree? I never actually like the polka dots to tell you the truth, but after you put that much work into something, it’s hard to paint over it.

I whittled the book pile down from 4 shelves to 2 and brought the comfy reading chair down. There are only one or two toys per shelf instead of shelves being filled to overflowing. The kitchen has a new home with a friend and the train table was moved to the middle of the room so there is complete access to it. I also pulled out all of the cars that were parked underneath and gave them homes on the shelf. I brought the table and chairs back in, too. I set aside a few things to be rotated in and out, but not too much and I plan on re-hanging the artwork on a different wall so the big wall isn’t as cluttered.

Nursery Tour

I was gathering pictures for Robert’s baby book when I realized I never took photos of his completed nursery. I figured I should probably go ahead and do that before it’s turned into a big boy room someday :(
All of the furniture was Clara’s when she was a baby. I repainted the little bookshelf and covered the lampshade. The rocking lamb, little armchair and Radio Flyer car were hers as well. His name, the owls and birds are vinyl clings I got online. I had intended to add more to the corner with the rocking chair but never got around to it, so the birds are just kinda random.

Funny story about the little critter above his changing table. I saw it at Babies R Us and thought the little fox would be a perfect addition to the nursery (If you remember, Robert’s middle name is Fox). I got it home and as I was hanging it on the wall I thought “Wait a second!” That sneaky little fox morphed into a raccoon on the way home!
I decoupaged the two star pegs next to his door and it’s proven to be the perfect spot for hanging his towel. The little lullaby lamb hanging on the other one was the first thing I bought for him before he was born.
And this here is my most favorite part of Robert’s nursery. I think he coordinates well.

Master Makeover

I’ve always ignored our bedroom in terms of decorating. I’ve never painted our bedroom in either house and I had never put up curtains here. Well, that all changed when I redecorated our master bedroom last month. It turned out to be a major undertaking to paint this room with all of the different ceiling angles. I worked on it most evenings for about two weeks (which was part of the reason I was MIA for most of June). The color is a light gray and I think it works really well with our dark furniture.
We’ve never had curtains in this room, so I bought some dark brown panels to coordinate with the new bedding. Although I love the way the bedding looks, it snags easily so I doubt it will last very long. I also bought the iron scrolly thing above the bed.

See what I mean about the angles? I want to put picture(s) between our closet doors but Chris doesn’t want to just slap a picture in a frame. He wants it to be a little more creative. Any ideas? I thought I’d like to use pics from our Europe trip and I saw a cute idea online where someone used a map as a photo mat, so I may do that.
I love the way our bedroom looks now! It’s always been so plain and blah, but now it makes me happy :) It’s amazing what a couple coats of paint will do.