Jewelry Organizer

I finished making this jewelry organizer for Clara a couple of days ago. My inspiration came from Pinterest (of course), but I can’t give credit to any one person because I used several different ideas. Am I the only one who starts a project and things don’t go according to plan? The paper I planned to decoupage with was not long enough, so the sides don’t look perfect. The first set of hooks I bought were too small, so I had to go buy new ones. They were too long and stuck through the top, so I had to have Chris use the dremel to cut the ends off.
But it’s done now and I was happy with the way it turned out. She loves having it all on display and comes out with a necklace, bracelet and ring almost every time she leaves her room. I’m thinking about making myself one;  I just haven’t decided what to do yet because I want something that will hold my dangling earrings also (all 5 pair).

Oh, Clara has finally given me permission to paint over the sheep in her room. She wants her walls to be a brighter pink. I was all ready to say, “Oh no way!” but surprisingly, Chris thinks she should get to choose her paint color. I think he’s just trying to mess with me. This is not going to be easy, but I’m about to let go of my pride. It is only paint after all. Don’t worry, it will not be super bright pink. I refuse to have to squint anytime I walk into her room.