Hanging Book Display

I just have to tell you all about this awesome little project that I just did. I wanted to figure out a way to organize the books that Clara takes onto her top bunk. They were constantly strewn all over the end of her bed or being thrown off onto the floor; never did they make it back onto the shelf.

I perused Pinterest for a while and came upon this perfect solution. It turned out soooo cute. I just love it. All it takes is a couple of double curtain rod holders, dowels (in whatever length you want), and fabric. I also painted the dowels and added ends to them to give it a more finished look.

It’s worked perfectly and Clara loves it. I made hers fairly short because there wasn’t a whole lot of room up there, but on the website there were plenty of examples and most of them were a much longer length.
This is Clara’s new bedding by the way. It was her gift from us for Christmas. She had picked out the set back in November not long after her sleepover with Leah. The minute she saw the paisley print, she was set on this set. (The shrinky dink jewelry they made at the sleepover was a groovy theme and there was lots of paisley.) It’s not what I would have chosen, but it’s not my room now is it? I’m learning to let her have a little more say in things like this and I think she chose very well.
Ok, now go make your kids a book display and report back.

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