Clara woke up last Friday with a headache. I wasn’t sure if it was caused by her allergies or not, so I gave her some Tylenol and also Zyrtec just in case it was allergies. Recently she’s been complaining of headaches out of the blue. She’ll be fine and then, boom, crying because her head hurts. I noticed they tend to happen when she steps outside, so I’m assuming they are allergy related.

Anyway, we were on our way out the door for school when I noticed her cheeks looked flushed. Sure enough, she was running a fever. I had to put a call into Robert’s teacher that I wouldn’t be able to stay and help at his Christmas party that morning. I did take him to school that day, but I don’t have pictures from his party. We were planning to do our annual Gingerbread House Building party on Saturday, so when she woke Saturday morning still feverish, we had to cancel the party.

She started to feel better later that day, her fever went away and she woke fever free on Sunday feeling great, so we went ahead and went to church. The kids were singing Away in a Manger during services and Santa would be at church after Sunday school. Clara felt great all day and didn’t act sick at all. That afternoon we worked on her poster for a presentation that she was supposed to give at school on Tuesday. She was so excited about the assignment.

Monday she got ready for school and we were walking out the door when I noticed she just looked a little “off”. Yep. Fever was back. It never got very high. It was between 99 and 100.5 most of the time and I never gave her anything for it because she just wasn’t feeling all that bad. I went ahead and made her a doctor’s appointment for Tuesday since she would be missing 3 days of school at this point. She was very upset that she wouldn’t be there for the presentations at school.

Tuesday she woke up fever free feeling good again, but she was acting a little puny after a few hours. She has an ear infection in one ear and the doctor had to pull wax out of both ears. The infection-free ear had a lot of wax so she had to have it flushed out again. Poor girl was crying and didn’t want to let go of me. She did fine the last couple of times she had it done, but I think being sick put her over the line this time. The doctor wanted her to stay home from school today. I was really bummed because today was her class Christmas party :( I think I may have been more upset than her about missing it, but she was pretty disappointed too. I just remember that being one of the most fun days of school and I hate that she had to miss it.

Turns out, even if he had allowed her go back today, she would have missed because, you guessed it, she woke with a fever again this morning. Not only that, but it’s been higher today than it has been all week and she feels worse. Her doctor is not in the office today, but I do have a call in and hopefully will get her back in tomorrow if she’s not feeling better. So now she also has to miss the last day of school before the Christmas break. That’s five days of school she’ll miss for a little ear infection. And her ears don’t even hurt.

Here’s a recap: Robert was on breathing treatments for close to three weeks because of a cough. As soon as that ended, Chris got sick on Clara’s birthday. He would wake feeling ok and then end up leaving work early because he would start going downhill. He stayed home last Thursday in an effort to get all the way better. Clara woke sick the next day, Chris had a flat that same morning, then the shooting happened, and Chris’ computer died so he ended up having to spend most of his Saturday up at work, replacing the hard drive, and our party was canceled. So we’ve been kinda bummed out over here lately.

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