16 Years

Well, another anniversary has come and gone and as seems to be the case far too often, one of us was sick. We had planned on leaving the kids with friends and having dinner out on Friday, but Robert went and got himself sick, so we canceled our plans.

We were planning on leaving to go camping on Saturday morning, so we didn’t have grand plans or anything, just dinner. Robert had been having allergy problems for several days and then started coughing on Thursday. Friday morning I took his temp and it was slightly elevated, so I got him into the CVS clinic so we’d know what we were dealing with. He had infections in both ears; one ear was really bad. But I did score when I saw Chris’ cologne at the fragrance counter. I had been planning on getting him some since he was out and was even going to run to the mall with a sick kid, so I did a little happy dance when I saw it AND it was buy one get one 50% off! Finally, something good on this no-so-great day :)

A few hours after his first dose of antibiotics, Robert puked all over the tile. Yay for hitting tile and not carpet or couch! Second great thing about the day. Poor guy just hunched over on the floor and threw up for about five minutes straight. So that was another romantic anniversary moment.

I was still getting stuff ready for leaving the next day, so when dinner time came around, I had no idea what to make. I was supposed to be on a nice date and truth be told, I may have been slightly unhappy that I was spending my anniversary with a sick little one, packing for a camping trip. So we ordered pizzas.

While we waited for our anniversary dinner to be delivered, I lit some candles for the occasion. As I was serving up slices, the box lid leaned up against one of the candles. Annnnnnd, the box caught fire. Just a little bit. Clara screamed. We thought she was about to stop, drop and roll. Chris saved the day and put out the fire. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

2 thoughts on “16 Years

  1. Okay. That’s just NOT RIGHT! Grandma is coming to town. Let’s make sure you and Chris get a nice kid-free dinner out, on me, either Friday or Sunday night. It’s my happy-birthday-Kelsey-happy-anniversary-Chris-and-Kelsey-happy-birthday-Chris gift!!! With all of those special occasions in the same month, I know why they call it “March Madness!”

    • Aww, thanks Linda. That’s very sweet of you. I think we may take you up on the offer. See you soon!

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