House(s) Progress

The second story of Clara’s dollhouse is almost finished. As I was cutting out the wallpaper for the third wall of the bedroom I noticed it was ever so slightly different. Chris said no one would notice, but au contraire. I would. I fell in love with the peachy wisteria print that will eventually be the bathroom the first time I saw it. Thankfully, Clara loved it too. She does get final say 😉 I also glued the first floor wall in and the staircases.

And Chris and a friend finished up the playhouse on Sunday and I slapped a coat of paint on it. Chris says I picked a boring drab color. We’ll add some decorative trim, a window or two and a door to fancy it up a bit, but it’s playable as is and the kids have gotten busy making it a home. They even hosted their first guest yesterday after school. I plan to paint part of the inside with chalkboard paint and we have lots of other fun ideas for it.

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