One Down, Two to Go!

Clara has been fever free all day, so she’s back to school tomorrow. Yahoo! Robert was fever free this morning, but then it came back, so no school for him. Boo! Chris feels terrible and shows no signs of improvement. I actually think he might have the flu. Their strep results haven’t come back yet.

I’ve been medicating, hydrating, sanitizing, feeding, cleaning and dishwashing like crazy. Since I was at Clara’s school all last week while Robert was in school, I was planning to finish up all of my Christmas preparations and gift buying this week while Robert was in school. So I got everyone fed, medicated and set up with kleenex, drinks, blankets and movies and then high-tailed it out of here for a couple of hours yesterday and today and got most everything I needed to done. I really didn’t want to wait in case I’m down for the count soon. My throat was feeling scratchy last night so I was sure I was going to be sick today, but I’m sooooo thankful that I’ve felt fine.

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