Lake Brownwood State Park

We went camping last weekend but before I get to that I figured I should probably catch up and post about our last camping trip in August.

We met up with my extended family in August at Lake Brownwood. We got there a day early since we had quite a long drive and although we had a lodge rented for the whole family, our little family brought our pop-up. It was sooooo HOT!! We were miserable that first day. We were setting up camp in the middle of the day and then our a/c just could not keep up. It was sweltering inside and almost zero shade outside. Say what you will about Houston’s humidity, but being able to find some shade to retreat to in the summer is priceless. It was so bad that we went back into town to cool off and buy a fan. We ate dinner at Chili’s and got the coolest fan at Home Depot. It is a battery operated mister and you can either hook a water hose up to it or sit it on a five gallon bucket of water. Ahhhhh! It was such a relief and Chris carried it around and was never far from it all weekend :)

Everyone else got there on Friday afternoon and we let the kids swim just downhill from our lodge. The lodge had two huge rooms of beds, sleeping 26 total, and a nice living area and kitchen. We did all of our meals together. Our land rover started acting funny that day and we had to have it jump started to get back to our campsite late that night around 10:00 or so. We got a little ways down the road and it tried to die again at a stop sign. It was a little creepy and the kids started flipping out because it was pitch black but thankfully Chris got it started again and we made it back to camp.

It was obvious something was very wrong with the car and it was so nice to have family there to help us out. Mason followed Chris the twenty minutes into town to a shop to make sure the battery didn’t die again. The figured out the alternator had gone out and they couldn’t get one until the next day, Sunday around 2:00 and it would be several hours of labor once they did get it in.

Meanwhile at camp, I was supervising kids in the water all day long. Oy. I kept trying to get mine out to take breaks in the heat of the day, but they wanted to be with all the other kids and yeah, it kinda sucks to have your lame mom making you miss all the fun. I caved when I should have trusted my instinct. I did make them wear rash guards and slathered them down multiple times with sunscreen, but after a full day, the sun still took it’s toll as you’ll see further down.



Clint brought his boat and all the kiddos got to ride on the tube or little floating boat thingy.



Even Myrt Myrt and Bia rode the tube.





Tenley dipped her toes in the water and was ok with it at first, but then a little wave lapped up against her leg and she decided it wasn’t for her after all.




This was Saturday evening after a full day in the sun. Clara and Robert were just a little rosy under their eyes where they rubbed their sunscreen off so they weren’t doing too bad at this point. Some of their cousins didn’t fare as well and had oozing blisters come Monday.




Chris set up an assembly line to help keep things orderly during mealtimes. Kids were lined up outside and let in a couple at a time to make their plate and then go back outside. Some kids tried their best to sneak in but most waited patiently when they realized Uncle Chris wasn’t messing around and would send them to the end of the line if they didn’t follow directions :)







The kids found a small trail up a hill next to the lodge that led to the top of the hill and a cool rock table and seats. I thought it looked like some kind of sacrificial alter or the stone table in Narnia. It was kind of random but the kids loved traipsing up there any chance they got. The boys tried to keep it a secret from the girls but they eventually found out about it.





Saturday evening after dinner we were all sitting around talking. Robert really wanted to play a board game, so he challenged several people to a game of Life. He came outside at one point to tell me he wasn’t feeling well. I figured he was just complaining and exhausted from the day and told him he’d be ok and then sent him back inside. A couple of minutes later someone came out to tell me he had thrown up. And boy howdy, that boy erupted!

He had drank a lot of water, so that’s mostly what it was but the floor was covered. Chris got him into the shower and it just kept coming up. I went in there and through tears he was telling me, “See, I told you I was sick!” Mother of the Year right here. I felt so bad. It’s just so hard to tell sometimes if they’re whining just to be whining or are tired or really are sick. Plus, I was trying to talk :)



The kids had slowed way down by Sunday morning when it came time to load up and clean up. It was fun figuring our how to juggle everything to get us home since our car was still not fixed at this point. We finally decided to get a hotel for a night and go home the next morning. Even if they got the car fixed by that evening, we didn’t want to be driving that far in the dark  while exhausted.

We ended up borrowing Clint and Dashielle’s extra car. Problem was that Tanya had borrowed it and left her car at their house in Brownwood. So we had to get her stuff out and she had to figure out where to put all of it and then pack it with our stuff as well as pack up our camper. But that car couldn’t tow our camper, so Clint towed our camper with his car and left it in the Firestone parking lot. We took his other car, went into town, had lunch, had a nap at the hotel and then our car was ready so Clint came into town to get his car back. Whew. It was quite an ordeal but was made much easier having family there to help out.




We went to watch “Shaun the Sheep” at the theater and we all got a good night’s sleep before getting up Monday morning and heading out after breakfast. Chris and I both loved just waking up and pulling out of town. Sundays are always so hard because you’re tired and you’ve just spent several hours packing everything up so when you add a five hour drive on top of that, it’s a little much. I think we may have decided to do the hotel on the last night of long trips every time. Works for me :)