I really don’t want to let my blog go, but I’m having a really tough time keeping up with everything right now. I’ve been saying this for the past month, but I really need to tone down my volunteering at the school. I’m basically working a part time job up there. Minus the pay of course :) I’m trying to make sure all of our new volunteers feel supported, so that means if they can’t be there the days I’m there, I’m coming in when it’s convenient for them to make sure they know their way around the workroom and feel comfortable working on their own. I end up saving some work to be done and then they sometimes don’t show, so then I’m scrambling to complete the work for the teachers. Or I’m getting ready to leave for the day and a teacher asks me if I can laminate something so since I don’t know if anyone else will be in and the laminator won’t be on again until a week later, I say, “Sure thing” and then laminate and take home an hour or so of cutting along with what I was already planning on completing at home. Suffice it to say, I can’t seem to get caught up :)

I love it though and the teachers have been sooooo appreciative. I also work in the library one morning a week on the librarian’s busiest morning. It’s non-stop classes and individual kids coming in for nearly four hours straight. Last week the internet was spotty all morning and it was complete chaos, long lines while we waited for the page to come back up and eventually writing barcodes on sticky notes to be entered into the computer later. The kindergarten classes are especially patient patrons.

PTA hosted it’s first movie night last Friday night and the entire day was spent putting out one fire after another. Broken popcorn machine, movie wouldn’t play, a/c order not submitted, wrong date given for PTA meeting that was supposed to take place, etc. I got there right after school started, went home for a couple of hours at lunch and then went back up and didn’t get home until 10:00 p.m.

Clara saw the orthodontist last week for the first time since her surgery in January. He’s ready to have her ankylosed tooth pulled. It’s right next to her baby canine, which will also need to come out to get to the ankylosed one. Her other canine was pulled in January and they’re not normally lost until age 12, but probably later for Clara due to her loosing teeth at a later age. So she’s going to have three empty spaces for quite some time. Technically, the ankylosed one looks like an empty space already.

The good news is she doesn’t need braces on the top four. He said the only reason would be cosmetic and since she hasn’t been bothered by them or self conscious about them, there’s no reason to do it. Yay! I love her orthodontist. That was her fourth consult with him, panoramic x-rays each time, and we’ve yet to pay a penny. And he didn’t pressure the first round of braces! He said a lot of parents like to just pull everything all at the same time, but he prefers a slower process. He wants kids to keep their teeth as long as possible and only extract when they start to cause problems with the eruption of surrounding teeth. That’s why this is her third round of extractions. It isn’t possible for her ankylosed one to come out on it’s own. I’m hoping that by slowly taking out the problem teeth that we’re setting her up for an easier time with braces here in a few years. I mean, if every tooth has a chance to get close to the right spot due to proactively making space, I would assume that means less forcing into place later on.

The bad news is we took her earrings out for the x-ray and forgot to put them back in until a few days later and one hole closed up. Oops. I tried poking it through, but it just wasn’t going and started bleeding. And there were tears. And crying. So now it’s back to the piercer at some point.

We’ve had a couple of roofers out to give us an estimate this past week. Insurance isn’t covering it, so we get to pay for it ourselves. One of the roofers is actually fighting our insurance right now for us. He had us get a second inspector out and actually got on the roof with him, so it’s looking like we may get a small break after all. Yay!

School is going very well. This week marks the end of their first 9 week period. How is it possible this year is already 1/4 way over!? Robert was really on the fence for the first few weeks but we’ve broken over and he now loves school! Oh my goodness, it’s such a relief to know that he’s not miserable and bored up there all day long. Grandma asked him all about school and what he liked and then when she asked him what was one thing he didn’t like, he couldn’t come up with anything. He eventually said the bus, but that’s only because he said it takes too long. He doesn’t wait any longer than he would if he was a car rider or bike rider, but I guess he’s just itching to get home in the afternoons. At his parent/teacher conference last week, his teacher said he’s doing wonderfully, both academically and socially. Thankfully he isn’t getting bored at this point. She has a few kids at his reading level, so she said they’ve naturally gravitated together and she’s able to keep them challenged. He’s reading very well, but his comprehension level isn’t as high. He comprehends things that have been stated in the text, but not things inferred. They expect even kindergartners to be able to infer. Isn’t that crazy?

I had more written, but it didn’t save so this will be sufficient for the time being.

So coming up in the next few weeks we have book fair, donuts with dad, open house, a camping trip, a new roof, Halloween costumes to make, school projects to make, a Rio trip for Chris (and maybe for me! Eek!) eye exams, dental cleanings and then it’s time for birthday/holiday season :)