More Surgery

Clara had her oral surgery consult to remove her ankylosed tooth today. The surgeon said that this procedure will be more difficult than wisdom teeth extraction. He’s going to have to pull the baby canine and possibly the tooth on the other side of it, which is a baby molar. It’s just in a really bad spot that’s going to make it difficult to get out. He also said that it has begun to migrate up and is starting to fuse with the jawbone :( We were trying to monitor it so that we could get it out before it came to that, but I guess we weren’t quick enough. He doesn’t think it will be a problem but there is a slight chance that he will do damage to the permanent teeth all around it while extracting it. He won’t know exactly what he’s dealing with though until he gets in there. So surgery is scheduled for the week after Christmas. I just couldn’t bring myself to schedule it among all of the holiday/birthday hullabaloo and this way she won’t have to miss any school.

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