First “Real” Orchestra Concert

Clara performed in her first real concert in December. I say real because the first year orchestra got to use their bows this time and they performed at the high school performing arts center instead of the junior high cafeteria. I was a little bummed that the fyo just wore their hoodies instead of dressing up though. The philharmonic and symphonic orchestras wore formal concert attire.




Clara is actually quite good at the violin and really does enjoy it. She wasn’t sure she even wanted to play violin, but I talked her into it. She had excelled in choir and intended to continue in junior high, but I really wanted her to at least try an instrument.¬† Linda’s mom had played when she was younger and she left her violin to Clara before she died, so I knew it would be special if Clara learned to play. I told her to give it a year and she could drop it after that if she didn’t like it. Turns out she was just nervous about learning an instrument and thought it would be too hard. Instead, she picked it up very easily, can play by ear and has been 1st or 2nd chair first violin these past two years. I’m glad she took a chance and humored her mother. :)

October 2017

Another tooth down!IMAG1342


Robert worked a race with Chris one weekend and he bought an mp3 player and headphones with the money Chris gave him for working. He’s worked several weekends over the last couple of years and drivers and workers alike are impressed with how hard of a worker he is. He’s got lots of friends now at the race track.


The girls helped Wendy-Ann make a traditional South African dish for dinner one night.


Clara’s first orchestra concert was right before Halloween. It was very casual and took place on the stage in the cafeteria. They did so great after only having started learning their instruments two months earlier. I decided then and there that I loved her director, Mr. T. The first year orchestra only plucked their selections. No bows allowed. :) I was thoroughly impressed with the 7th and 8th grade orchestras. Mr. T does a phenomenal job with all of his students.



The kids had lots of fun together during their stay….. most of the time. They played legos, swam and came up with lots of fun things to pass the time. They even fashioned their own Clue game. There were moments when they needed a break from each other, but thankfully they were few and far between.


We made hot cocoa and lit a fire on the first “cold” day of the year.



Robert attended his first Formula 1 race in Austin the weekend of the 22nd.